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“Today, the marketer’s mindset gets blended in with data discernment but they’re not the same. The best way to combat this is to learn how to properly leverage tools that do the heavy lifting with data, which opens marketers up to do what they do best: be creative, strategic thinkers making decisions backed by data.”

– Nav Thethi, senior manager of web and digital experience at Hitachi


Knowing your customer is key to commercial success. As a marketer, you would like to track buyer signals throughout the entirety of the customer’s research and decision-making journey and take action at critical moments. Yet the constant stream of new data can be overwhelming and manual analyses run the risk of being too slow to act on. At Algorhythm, we believe in creating a 360-degree view of your customer by integrating all data and providing real-time insights.

Algorhythmic marketing uses custom data platforms that integrate all customer data and deliver actionable insights based on robust data analysis. Together with you, we map your customer’s DNA to help prioritize actions, support high-velocity data marketing and increase your return on investment.  Learn more about how we can boost the performance of your marketing initiatives below!



“Evaluating so many partners is becoming a humongous project by itself.” 

– GovindaRaj Avasarala, head of B2B marketing at Vodafone


Data silos and a skills shortage are decreasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. At Algorhythm, we are not only experts in building comprehensive customer data platforms, but also at setting up tools that present you with real-time insights, releasing the need for your company to cooperate with different partners to get a full view of your customers.  Everything is in one place for you to check at any time of the day!

Our data engineers build integrated customer data platforms on the cloud that are flexible and scalable: They are able to handle data from different touchpoints and data sources, including your website, CRM systems and social media, and are able to expand when changes occur.

Using this data, our marketing data scientists and analysts generate insights. They are no stranger to the latest developments in AI and analytics to help you enhance your marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Results are relevant and use real-time data, allowing you to act timely to your customers’ behavior.

What sets us apart? Our constant balancing act of intuition and intellect. While data is abundant and insights will be easily accessible, there needs to still be room for a “human element” to decision making. We involve you in every step of the process so to make sure our services are fulfilling your marketing goals!



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