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  • Based on FDA Guidelines around Risk Based Monitoring, a new process for monitoring clinical trials needed to be rolled out. Our client identified the need for a cross-functional set of Key Risk Indicators to support the rollout of RBM.

    However, source data to support the calculation of these KRI’s were scattered and undiscovered. Algorhythm provided this client with end-to-end project ownership and delivery to deliver the required KRI's in a set of cross-functional & multi-dimensional dashboards, combining business-facing & technical expertise.

    On business side, we partnered with biostatisticians & the monitoring team to develop the KRI’s, came up with the overall design, implementation- & project plan, and discovered new data sources.

    For the technical aspect, we provided Data Engineers, Data Visualization Consultants and the support team after go-live.

  • Dealing with a global pandemic, product quality complaints and adverse events related to a vaccine need to be escalated through the organization quickly and efficiently. Before Algorhythm stepped in, the internal process to manage incoming product complaints took several weeks, critical data platforms were not integrated and a lot of manual data duplication was necessary to keep the systems synchronized.

    To optimize the escalation process, Algorhythm provided both business- and technical-facing expertise. Product ownership played an important role during this project. We collaborated with important business stakeholders to identify process improvements and design intelligent automations.

    We provided prototype automations using NLP / RPA & ML modeling techniques, and helped the IT department coordinate the development and implementation process.

  • The client had very few data standards resulting in unreliable information. Critical data platforms executed their own roadmap in a siloed way, causing misalignment and data quality issues.

    On top of that, there was a lack of formalized insights into the data landscape. Algorhythm joined the Data Governance team as Data Stewards for the introduction and maintenance of several deliverables like a Conceptual Business Data Model, business glossaries and a data catalog.

    Algorhythm consultants also acted as Business Product Owner in the implementation of the Integrated & Cross-segment data warehouse and Data Quality monitoring dashboards.

  • Commercial organizations identified the need to implement a data-driven approach to optimize their sales process.

    Algorhythm stepped in because of limited inhouse knowledge on how to implement predictive modelling techniques in a sustainable data flow.

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